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  WE for ME is an intensive learning path designed for women aware that personal and professional storytelling plays a strategic role in designing their life. Executive and businesswomen, managers, content creators, and consultants will experience an empowerment path within the WE learning community, designed for radical collaboration and discussion. We will train our mindset starting from who you really are. Working on a personal branding strategy means asking yourself where you are and where you want to go. Eight intensive meetings to get ready for your future. You will master a methodology you will take with you along your whole personal journey.

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The fourth class of WE - Design Your Personal Branding Journey starts on February 14th.

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📅 On December 13th, take part in the live presentation+Q&A (online) and discover more about the next edition of the journey: sign up here to get the link.


All details about the program are available here: https://www.wefor.me/ (Italian)


  What is your audience? What would you like them to know? Discover and guide your voice to be a thought leader and role model. As a woman who’s built her career on HR innovation and Growth Mindset, as a digital advisor and multichannel author, I know what it’s like to share authentic content to represent your deep, multipotential, and relational self. Personal Branding is a dimension of human and relational capital development, it is Life Design: it means to make room for new competences, reframe, free your curiosity and creativity, in order to design your future Odyssey.


In order to develop your best possible ME, you need to mirror yourself into our WE. Our community helps us to understand our value in the social systems we belong to. WE are going to work together. We will recreate the magic I experienced in New York two years ago, as I tell in the preface to the Italian edition of the book Designing Your Life. We will intensively try out the power of external feedback. We will train together on the hot topics I have selected: career assessment and personal branding, authenticity, digital toolkit. We will study and exercise your personal branding strategy and multichannel, we will experience what onLife networking means.

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The fourth edition of WE - Design Your Personal Branding Journey is starting on February, 14th. 

📅 Discover more at the presentation event on December, 13th.

What do People say about me?

To me Francesca is the person to call when… I come up with a new idea. Her creativity and her frankness have always helped me defining and improving my purpose. Francesca rappresenta per me… un punto di riferimento unico perché ha una competenza verticale sul personal branding ma anche competenze traversali di management. Francesca helped me developing my personal branding and helped me enhancing my assets. Also, she introduced me to the AlleyOop team – the multisignature blog powered by Sole 24Ore – with tenacity. If I had to talk about Francesca with someone who hasn’t met her yet, I would describe her as a change leader.

Francesca Devescovi, CEO - DigitAlly

I met Francesca during the most interesting and innovative course I attended in the last years and I had the chance to appreciate her for a perfect mix of competences, passion and charisma. Francesca has always the capability to introduce a new perspective that brings you to think out of the box and, despite a life spent in guiding and taking decision, I really loved to be guided towards unexplored borders. I’m surprised by thinking back at her because it’s not the amount of time we spent together but the intensity of every moment that had a positive impact on my path and way I’m walking through.

Gaia Ghirardi, Head of Sustainability - CDP Cassa Depositi e Prestiti

When I met Francesca I was especially impressed by her ability to pay attention to other people and to practice authentic listening. She really looks after you, because she loves her job and she deeply believes in it. Thanks to her expertise and skills, she can find out your personal flow, identify what kind of storytelling you are communicating and what you should tell to convey who you really are, you could be, you want to be. She’s able to capture what you don’t see about you, or what you may know, but are not aware of.

Maria Cristina Origlia, Managing Editor and Director, Journalist, Author - Il Sole24Ore

Francesca was a great discovery. First of all because I did not know what a Personal Branding expert did, before meeting her, on the other hand because she was a point of no return in making me appreciate how professional life can, in the moment in which it is lived, permeate the outside world, be viralized, transmit a purpose and create value in the community. It's like moving from the medium to the ultimate end. Francesca has impressed me with her ability to read deeply inside the interlocutor, understanding both needs and expectations, even in the absence of structured inputs. It is as if she always knew what is the right thing to communicate, to enhance, to bring out. Thank you.

Paola Boromei, Executive Vice President of HR & Organization - SNAM

I consider Francesca the person to call when I need an original perspective on uncommon, “uncomfortable” issues. To me Francesca is a professional, with a huge and extraordinary past and an experience: she embodies Strength and Courage. I spoke to Francesca when I met professional opportunities and issues to solve. She is herself a sort of Brand =) If I had to talk about Francesca with someone who hasn’t met her yet, I would describe her as a great professional, with a luggage of experiences worth of her professionality, which she conveys with energy and courage!

Lisa Di Sevo, Partner - PranaVentures/ Chairman - SheTech Italy

When I think of Francesca, I think of the person I would call when I need to understand how to enhance yourself, display yourself at best, but above all when you have to arrange educational projects and entrust their management to someone who really know how to give value to the time people spend in their education. To me Francesca is a friend, a travel buddy and a role model: she is an example of how, if you want it and deserve it, you can change your life and make a job out of your passion. I find myself talking about Francesca when you speak about digital, empowerment, networking and – of course – personal branding. If I had to talk about Francesca with someone who hasn’t met her yet, I would describe her as 'personal branding' incarnate.

Luisa Quarta, Marketing Director - Bureau van Dijk Italia - A Moody's Analytics Company