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I'm a super-duperDigital Learning Experience Designer, Inspiring Speaker, Book Author, and former HR Manager. I am a superstar in connecting People and Opportunities and an ambassador of the Designing Your Life approach in designing a meaningful, joyful and fulfilled life. I am a “give, give, get” networker who strongly believes in the power of an authentic, credible and reactive network, made up of people we really know .


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Design Your Life certified coach

Talk at Creative Mornings

In The Boardroom, Valore D

In the Boardroom

Board Member, Uniabita


Design Your Life workshop in NYC

Talk at Fuckup Night

My daughter Viola’s birth

Master Degree in Adult Education

My first son Andrea’s birth

Became the first Italian LinkedIn EMEA Talent Solutions partner

LinkBeat was born, my first solo project

Welcome to The HR Jungle

Drama Therapy class

Theater Course

Corporate HR Manager

Diversity Project Leader

Erasmus in Bilbao

Clownerie Course

Your Brand, Your Value

Here are The values driving my career

The Power of Personal Branding

Personal Branding means sharing your values and your personal value. If you have left the stage to others, it’s time to take back your space in the world and share your value.

We all have to be Feminists

Feminism means giving people the same opportunities on a meritocratic basis. We must be active role models for the youngest.

Digital for People

Digital for People means working on one own’s mindset and culture. Organizations need to work on People digital reskilling and let them embrace transformation by designing their lives.

Happiness drives results

Facing work-life balance is not enough. We have to take on that our satisfaction comes from a fulfilled, unique, lifelong changing multidimensional Odyssey.

Networking is taking care of others

Stop thinking about networking just as a tool or a strategy to reach goals. Be authentic, share your energy, build your own community.

Bias affects all.

Bias come from a millenary culture. We need to train our mind to reframe the limits we inherit from the past.